Smart Arizona Real Estate Marketing Strategies


Who Has Equity in their Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe and Ahwatukee Homes?

  • Find out What Your Home Is Worth. Property values are back and are projected to appreciate at a reasonable 5-7% per year - an appreciation rate we enjoyed for years! As of June 2018 our Phoenix Median Homes Sales Price went from a median sales price of $250,000 in 2006 to a low of $117,000 and is now at a Median Homes Sales Price of $283,500, 13% above our previous high point after 12 years of turmoil with ups and downs along the way to where we are today!
  • Over the last 2 years, high buyer demand pushed prices up to where they were before the market went crazy and prices soared in late 2004 through early 2005. Since then prices have corrected and we're now back to normal!
  • Foreclosures and Short Sales account for 1-2% of our sales. Most homeowners, who bought before 2004 and didn’t over-encumber their property with a take-out refinance or a home equity loan, have equity in their home to sell and buy up. If someone bought in 2009 and later, their homes have appreciated to the point they have equity to sell and buy another home. Those who bought between late 2004 and 2008 may have a while to wait for home prices to rise or find other sources of their down payment to sell and buy another home.
  • The pool of potential buyers has greatly expanded. Many homeowners, who previously experienced a foreclosure or short sale and have been in the lender penalty box, will soon be eligible for a regular loan to purchase a home again beginning in 2015!

What can I expect? Is this a good time to sell and buy a new home in Chandler, Gilbert or Mesa?

  • Home values are up – but still very affordable, interest rates are low - still below 5% and we have more quality homes for sale than we have had in several years. We have a BALANCED MARKET - that equally favors buyer and seller. This is the best scenario for everyone living in the area.
  • Provide me your address by completing a request for an In-depth Home Valuation below and you will receive a COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS with your home's range of value and also sign up for Market Watch to be updated on all home listings and sales near your home. For an accurate determination of your home's market value, I need to see the interior and exterior of your home to accurately compare its features and benefits to comparable homes that are for sale now and have recently closed escrow to provide you a suggested list price and an estimated NET dollars you could expect to receive at close of escrow.

What is the next step?

  • Our real estate market is back to normal – and sellers are willing to accept an offer contingent upon the sale of the buyer's home – providing the home is priced at fair market value. It is crucial to price your home at market value to ensure your home will sell within the allotted contract period. But it is just as important to find an experienced REALTOR®, like me, with a strong and effective marketing plan to expose your home to the largest number of qualified buyers. Listing your home for sale at the right price is important. But statistically, it can be shown the sooner a home sells, the higher the sales price. Hire me to get the results you expect and deserve when you need it.

  • Provide me with your name, address, email, and phone number. I can provide you a range of market value for your home based upon recent sales data of similar, nearby homes. But an accurate CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) requires an onsite inspection. Your upgrades remodel, deferred maintenance, wear, and tear, color choices, landscaping, lot location, neighborhood, schools, etc. all have to be seen and evaluated before the best market price can be determined, relative to your competition.

What to do before listing my home for sale? 

Get pre-approved for your new home loan upfront - assuming you are replacing your current home.

  • Know the most you can borrow and what you can reasonably expect to get from the sale of your present home based upon a current CMA. Now you know the maximum you can comfortably afford without making sacrifices.

Use a Mortgage Banker.

  • Mortgage Bankers aren’t limited to a small number of internal loans they can offer potential borrowers like Chase and Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Mortgage Bankers can shop the whole universe of loan programs to find the one loan that truly matches your needs. And don't pick just any mortgage banker. You want one who controls the whole process in-house. They not only save you time – more importantly they CONTROL the underwriting process. If there is a question, your loan originator or processor can go right to the underwriter for an explanation immediately – not have to deal with time zones and voice mail. 

There’s a great myth that all lenders are alike.

  • They aren’t. Even VA and FHA loans are not the same from lender to lender. They all have “overlays” that allow the lender to be more restrictive than government minimum buyer eligibility standards so they can manage their portfolio risk. The same goes for conventional loans, too. My recommended Mortgage Bankers have the freedom to shop for a loan for you with the best rates and terms matched to your needs.

No one likes the loan approval process.

  • Remember the expression: He, who has the gold, makes the rules? Getting a loan can be time-consuming and stressful - even annoying, demeaning and maddening at times. Dive in to get the answers and loan commitment you need – UPFRONT before you start looking for a new home. Knowing you have loan approval subject to the appraisal of your dream home gives you peace of mind and makes you a dynamite buyer in the eyes of the seller!

What's Needed before Buyers see my home Online and during Showings? 

Home Staging – Very Important! I have a checklist to get your home ready to list and one for daily showings

  • Home staging starts with getting rid of anything that clutters a home and distracts buyers. This includes family photos, keepsakes, mementos, and collectibles. Put valuables in a closet and move the rest into the garage, or better yet rent a storage unit, if you can’t bear to part with it. Just de-clutter your home.
  • Sometimes a home has so much furniture, it is difficult to maneuver through and makes the room look smaller. If that is the case, you'll have to re-position certain pieces, move furniture into another room, out into the garage or into a storage unit. The good news is - I will have an interior designer from my company come to your home to make suggestions for staging your home AT NO COST TO YOU! My gift to you!
  • Make repairs now, repaint drab rooms, replace the worn carpet, wash windows, clean and organize your entire home.
  • Think about the last time you used something and when you might use it again and then sort your stuff into A, B and C categories:

        “A” category stuff is used all the time – no doubt you have to keep it near you.

  “B” category stuff might be used occasionally or is a keepsake you can’t part with. 

  “C” category stuff has been forgotten – you can’t remember why you bought it or that you still have it – some items could be taken to a consignment shop, donated, sold at a garage sale, given away, etc. Someone else can find a good use for these items.

The importance of strong curb appeal?

  • Trees, shrubs, and grass trimmed, weeded, walks swept, drive and house exterior power washed, windows shining … That’s all covered in my checklists, too. I will bring a copy of my checklist with me when I visit your home or, if you prefer, I can email you a copy. I’d be flattered to know you cared enough to ask.

This process is very effective and gets results you want?

  • It is proven plan to get you out of one home you want to sell and into a new home you have always wanted, as quickly as possible and for the highest sales price. Just what you are hiring me to do.

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