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The Phoenix Arizona real estate market has a degree of predictability as to the graphs below show. It is important to note these graphs are a composite of market performance for all property types, all price ranges, and all areas.

Seasonal patterns may affect the outcome for buyers and sellers. Different types of residential property have peak sales time when there are more buyers for that particular type of property and a better time to sell quickly for more money versus languishing on the market and continually reducing asking prices to attract too few buyers for that product.

There are more buyers for lower-priced properties and they sell more quickly than higher priced properties. Areas with older, lower-priced homes are going to have much different performance graphs than those areas with large and expensive custom homes. For instance, Average Days on Market will be less in lower-priced neighborhoods and greater in higher priced neighborhoods, assuming these properties are listed at fair market value.

To discover the value of your home, it is necessary to drill down to your city, your zip code and your neighborhood to see how homes like yours, near your home, have performed to determine your home's fair market value by a like for like comparison of similar homes. Wondering when is the best time to buy or sell a particular property to maximize sales price? Call and let's discuss it.



Arizona MLS 5 Year Average Closed Sales Price




Arizona MLS 5 Year History of Active Listings and Closed Sales




Arizona MLS 5 Year History of Median SOLD Price




Arizona MLS 5 Year History of Average Days on Market



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