Showing Your Home

Staging Your Arizona Home

Preparing for the Showing Your Home

The first time the buyer saw your home was in a real estate portal on the internet.

If the buyer liked what they saw on their computer, their SECOND viewing will be an appointment to go to your home. They will want to see the neighborhood and, of course, to get a feel for your home, its layout, condition, traffic flow, storage, etc. They are coming to "try it on", so to speak. Don't disappoint!

How's the curb appeal? Make them want to get out of the car. Lawn mowed? Planting area trimmed, weeded and colorful? Cobwebs and dust removed from the front door? Let your pride of ownership shine.

Inside your home has to sparkle, clutter stored away, sink emptied, used towels and dish rags in the washer. Counters cleared. Does your home smell fresh? No odors from last night's fish dinner or pets.

When it comes time to show your property, here are some suggestions that will help make the process go more smoothly and result in an offer being written.

Interior photo of one of our Gilbert AZ homes for sale

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