Thinking about Selling?

Smart Arizona Real Estate Marketing Strategies


Who Has Equity in their Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe and Ahwatukee Homes?

What can I expect? Is this a good time to sell and buy a new home in Chandler, Gilbert or Mesa?

What is the next step?

What to do before listing my home for sale? 

Get pre-approved for your new home loan upfront - assuming you are replacing your current home.

Use a Mortgage Banker.

There’s a great myth that all lenders are alike.

No one likes the loan approval process.


What's Needed before Buyers see my home Online and during Showings? 

Home Staging – Very Important! I have a checklist to get your home ready to list and one for daily showings

        “A” category stuff is used all the time – no doubt you have to keep it near you.

  “B” category stuff might be used occasionally or is a keepsake you can’t part with. 

  “C” category stuff has been forgotten – you can’t remember why you bought it or that you still have it – some items could be taken to a consignment shop, donated, sold at garage sale, given away, etc. Someone else can find good use for these items.

The importance of strong curb appeal?

This process is very effective and gets results you want?

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