Phoenix Investment Property

Phoenix Real Estate Investment Strategy to Build Wealth


Sam Elam, Associate Broker

Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa homes and condos for sale are the ideal real estate investment to build your financial future. The highly skilled work force attracted to the Metro Phoenix AZ Southeast Valley by our medical, tech and aerospace jobs have the income to pay higher rents for quality properties.

Why purchasing Arizona real estate is so appealing:

Most investors put down 20 – 25% of the sales price and finance the balance. The minimum goal is to at least breakeven after carrying costs that include PITI + HOA + Property Management + Repairs + Reserves. It takes market knowledge, thorough financial analysis and negotiating skill to acquire a property in the right area that attracts tenants and commands the rent to cover all costs. For more information go to Phoenix real estate investments

And you always want to have an exit strategy – when you eventually sell to acquire a better performing investment or liquidate your holding(s). It takes skill to identify properties that will appreciate at or above the norm.

Let’s talk about homes for sale that would make excellent real estate investments in Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert AZ. Call or text Sam Elam at 480-213-1799.

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